A Sunday Well Spent

I am feeling more optimistic and positive these days. The Silent Guy has a big part in it. 

In January I joined a NGO for volunteering in its various projects. Today the NGO organized a big event, around 3000 school students came from various parts of the state and took part in various competitions such as clay modelling, drawing, dancing, singing, Rangoli, sports, Just A Minute, Mad Ad etc.

I reached at 8 am sharp and I was astounded to see so many participants and volunteers. I was assigned the job of guiding the students and teachers to find their way into the various halls where a particular event took place. Later when all settled down, I went to supervise the clay modelling competition along with 3 other volunteers. It was really fun to see them model clay into something really meaningful..err..sometimes not really. But it was fun. I made some new friends and I think I will soon take on the responsibility of coordinating a monthly event of feeding the poor in my area.


IMG_20160207_095301967Ha ha…Doraemon!
The clean water guys

Just as I was taking the photographs, I saw the small yellow grass flowers. I missed them for so long! Ya, you heard me right. They are linked to my childhood. The house that I have talked about had so many of these yellow flowers and I remember sitting down on the ground, looking at these flowers and wondering why they were so small. A blue version of these flowers is also found. Anyway, I quickly took a snap, who knows when I might see them again.