My Life Now

Hi! thanks for stopping by.

It’s been a while since I posting anything in this blog. And a lot has happened. Good things 🙂

I started this blog because i was bored with my previous job. Now, that part has been taken care of. I have a better job now and I have learned so much.

Now, coming to the part where I would frequently slip into depression because all my friends were doing better than me and that I was having regular fights with my boyfriend, well, that part is kind of better now.

What i learned is that i cannot brood over what has not happened. But what I can do is, think and work hard on building a better future. I started working out and that changed many things. I have lost weight, I eat healthier now, and I don’t fight with my boyfriend so much. He also did his part by listening to what i was trying to tell him and by slowly understanding why i am so insecure. I have also started giving him a space and understanding when he needs his “me time” or “cricket time”.

I cannot say that i have made any good friends. People are mean and manipulative and I am a straight forward girl. I would better spend my day alone doing things that I love to do and improving my skills than being with people who keep judging you every second.

Even then, I feel much stronger now.

I am also learning to cook and have improved a lot 🙂 I will soon start a “stay fit” blog where i will help people to opt for a healthy lifestyle.

Oh, i also came across Prof. Carol Dweck’s speeches on YouTube. You should totally listen to her speak. She talks about how we can improve and achieve what we want to achieve. It’s really great. I am also thinking of buying her book, “Mindset”. Recently I read “the monk who sold his ferrari”… umm…well… honest personal opinion, I did not like it much. Maybe i should give it time to actually make any sense to me.

Anyway… have a great week! ttyl 🙂 take care.


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