Uncontrollable Mind #2

It gets lonely sometimes. You feel nothing, no wind, no sound, as if you are in a vast land with no trees. You stand in vacuum. You have no one to talk to, you have no life, you have no hope. You just stare blank and you know that no miracle will happen, at least not any sooner.

How does it feel to fail again and again? 

How does it feel to let people down again and again?

No one needs you. No one wants you because all you do is cause trouble. 

I know you too, are trying to break the curse. Others seldom understand. Even if they do, they have run out of their patience. So, you sit like the thirsty crow. Distraught, yet looking at the sky and praying hard for that one drop of water that can save your life.


When do you stop hoping? How many blows does it take to finally give up?

I hope I never give up…I hope he understands me…I hope he loves me…I hope I can become a better person…I hope I don’t fail again…

Can you smile when you don’t want to? Can you stay calm when all you want to do is scream and make somebody listen to you.

Listen to you!? Why should they? Don’t waste my time!

Wise are the politicians. Wise are the manipulators.

Be like them.

How many blows?


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