Christmas, New Room-mate, Cooking Dinner

I am so thankful to people who like my blog. Seriously, it puts me in cloud 9. Christmas was pretty awesome this year. Me and my friends hanged out. Went to the local bakery and ate cup cakes. Ate a lot of street food and cheese burst pizza. I know, it was too much but it felt so right.

The mini cup cake tasted the best


The lollipop tree

I just met someone who is a mother of two and she wants to go back to build her career up. She moved in the city to pursue her dream job search. I am sure it must be tough for her. I wonder what her children are going through. However, I am glad that she has taken the first step. It is important for any woman, anywhere in the world, to build her career, be it small or big. I remember when I left my first job and went home, I did nothing but sit and watch TV all day long. I soon learnt that leaving my job was the worst decision. Then it a took a lot of slapping to wake me up. The moment I woke up, I left home for good. I do not have a great job today, but I am not dependent on anyone and I would like to keep it this way as far as I can. I am struggling with my career but the most important thing is to keep going. DO NOT STOP. I do not want any ass to rub their ego-fed asses on my face. Ever.

Anyway, I am going to cook Khichdi for dinner. Got all the ingredients from a local market nearby. You always get fresh green vegetables in the local market here. Mostly people like to make Khichdi with a lot of spices but I like it simple. I like simple food in general. So, I am off to the kitchen, hopefully I won’t burn the apartment down. If everything goes well, I will post a pic.



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