A Friend

Not feeling very good right now, maybe it’s viral fever. Still I am writing this to let you all know that I need/want a friend. I need someone to talk to about everything. I don’t want to think twice before I say anything to that friend. I should be able to say what I am actually feeling or thinking. For a Gemini girl, to hold up feelings inside is tough. I think I am falling sick because I have no one to talk to about them.

Please anyone? Would you like to be my friend?



21 thoughts on “A Friend

      1. Awww! Cry all you want and just release the pent up emotions. It may make you feel better. I’m right here holding your hand. *hugs*


  1. Hi officeboredomblog! You were right, I do love your blog. I also want to reach out and say that if you need to talk or anything, I’m also here. I’m sorry that you’re feeling so contained, for lack of a better word, and unable to talk freely in your current circumstance. So I’m here if you need an ear, a shoulder, whatever.

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  2. We are many here for you. You may not find it easy making a choice. Let me ask: are there any qualities that this friend must have. In other words, is this call open to all regardless of where they come from, their age, color, language etc?

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