So You Think You Know Yourself?

Day before yesterday I started writing my About Page and I found myself unable to say anything about me.

I am a lost soul in a fish bowl

I wrote few lines and then deleted them. I could not decide what to write, how much to write. I just couldn’t start. Who am I? Looks like I don’t know the girl I see everyday in the mirror. Have I become someone I never wanted to be. That’s another story.

So, I was going through few Business Schools’ websites to start applying. I dared myself and searched HBS Application Deadline. After checking whether I will be at least eligible to apply there, I saw a tab called ESSAY. Now, apart from GMAT score, the essays and recommendations matter a lot and unfortunately I have been always scared of writing essays for academic purposes.

I clicked on ESSAY and guess what?

Introduce Yourself




6 thoughts on “So You Think You Know Yourself?

  1. I’m not fond of that question either. Actually I think it’s a lazy question. I once had a colleague asking me that. I thought he was a great guy, a bit arrogant, and when I totally completely messed up a standard answer, he said something like “no, not that boring kind of sh**, I mean, who are you really”. If the team meeting wouldn’t have begun right at that moment, I would have run away (our slapped him). It’s about 8 years ago and I still remember it.
    And I once applied on a job completely out of my comfort zone with a sassy e-mail because I had nothing to loose. I liked the job description and the way they formulated who they were looking for. I got an interview and the first question was indeed: “introduce yourself”. I decided right there that even if it was a creative office, I would never ever going to fit in, because it shows arrogance rather than sincere interest.
    On a side note: I’ve done plenty of interviews with head masters at schools and NONE of them actually asked me that. Guess teaching is the perfect job for me.

    And now I am completely spamming your comment section. Sorry. I loved your post 😀

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    1. @Elvira Thank you so much for being on the same page as me! I thought I was the only one who hated this question. I think “Introduce Yourself” is a tough question. Specially for me who has an identity crisis 😀 and I also think that teaching is the best job. I also remember a friend asking me the same question and when I told him who I was, he totally ignored all the points and told me exactly what your colleague told you! Since then, I think and think and think before I answer this question.

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