Where Time Stopped

Foggy winter. Christmas holidays. She woke me up.

“Get up, it’s time.”

My sleepy eye won’t open, still I managed to extend my hands towards her -pick me up. A small kitchen, 2 small rooms, a living room and a beautiful garden all around the house. So many colorful flowers. Every morning I opened my eyes to the beautiful flowers and droplets of dew on them.

“Now, take the tooth brush.”

I took it from her, my eyes still closed. Then I opened them and saw a cyan blue color tooth paste! The usual would be white. I was surprised, in a pleasant way. Now my eyes opened wide. I smiled and looked back at her.

She stood there, looked at her youngest cub brush her teeth with eyes closed. She saw her take a look at the toothbrush and then to her surprise her cub looked back at her and smiled. Oh! such a relief. She thought. She is not crying today.

And my mum smiled back at me.




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