The Bliss

Take that Bliss and keep it safe. Keep it safe is the middle of your palm, cover it with the other. Let no one touch it. Let it not bleed.

To keep your calm and poise, is such a cumbersome task. Those who have it or who have mastered it, are wise. To not to budge and be in a trance, like the Buddha and accept the truth of life, we came alone and we will leave this world alone, is tough. We design our lives depending on the expectations and situations. What do we get ultimately? Car? House? Money? And yea, money buys everything, even happiness. But why? Who made this rule? Who turned the world into this madness? “Madness”

I love you and you love me, I am your mother and you are my child, I hate you for life and you don’t want to see me again, you are from a different religion and you despise me for my color, I judge you more than I judge myself before I judge you. Why? What is PERFECT? Isn’t what we do, in someway or the other, already perfect? Do I have to answer you for everything? Why would I expect an explanation from you?

Don’t get affected. The wise say.

Irresponsible. We blame.

And the circus continues.


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