I have always had a thing for yellow flowers. I love the concept of yellow and green. There is something happy about the yellow flowers. This picture is taken by my cell phone camera, is not a perfect capture, but I still like the way it is focused away from the rest and is focused on the leaves, giving the leaves a dark green shadow while the flower petals shine in the sun’s soft light.

Have you ever tried painting a sunflower when you are feeling low/depressed? It works wonders. No matter how imperfect it is, the vibrant yellow petals will make you feel good. It is also the fact that for a few minutes you will forget what you are depressed about when you paint.

In this city life, we see nothing but huge buildings, some shiny and tall and some the most ordinary and mundane. I have realized that to survive this morbid/lethal set, I need to decorate my set with colors of Nature. I do not get to do that often, but I don’t lose a chance when I get one.


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