Happy Monday

Its festival time. You may know about Diwali. However, for people of Calcutta (now called Kolkata) Durga Puja is the biggest festival. For five straight days, its fun and frolic more than devotion 😉 Anyway, you can read about it somewhere else. My point is, today is Monday and I am not feeling the blues.

I have been working out daily and I am feeling more positive. Today, while I was taking bath, I had a slight urge to think about how things can go wrong, however, I quickly commanded myself not to think anything negative. “Things will fall into place” I told myself.

I have taken pictures this weekend. If possible I will put it up here soon. I met with a friend after a whole year. So yeah, I am feeling great about everything. And I know that when a person sets his/her mind to a achieve a goal, it is impossible to stop him/her.

I will travel and no f**** job can stop me. I will go see the world.

Only when my BF is too busy to give me attention I go blue and sad. He has that power to rule my heart/head. I am also starting to realize that we both need space. He should do few things alone. Have his time to think about things that is bothering him. I am too clingy and needy. I know that. I also know why I am like that. But that’s past. It is easier said/written than done, that I will stop being so needy and grumpy, but yea I will try.  But he should also understand that he just cannot forget me! and be tired always! 🙂

Anyway, I really want to learn about photography, about light and lenses. I want to capture beautiful moments or beauty of our surroundings. Maybe I will have to do some online reading.


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